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29 januari 2019

03 januari 2019
Happy New Year!

22 december 2018
Give a rose... get a smile!

02 december 2018
Snowtimes @Holla Roses

21 november 2018
Nice to see our (Holla) Roses on the road:

09 november 2018
Nice to show you -> day 3 Holla Roses

07 november 2018

06 november 2018
In voorbereiding voor 3 dagen beurs! U bent van harte welkom de aankomende dagen in stand 1.8

20 oktober 2018

03 augustus 2018
New from Holla Roses!!

26 juli 2018
Nice to introduce you: specials from Holla Roses!

16 juni 2018
Our roses on a selfie wall! Who makes the best selfie during Aalsmeer Flower Festival?

No image
22 mei 2018
12 april 2018
Present @Visit Keukenhof with our roses Tacazzi +, Aqua! and Avalanche Sorbet+

28 maart 2018
Happy Easter! Give a rose... get a smile!

22 februari 2018
We introduce our new variety Aqua! Give a rose... get a smile! :-)

14 februari 2018
Happy Valentine!

23 januari 2018
AIPH Grower of the Year awards: 4-th place

23 januari 2018
As nominated Grower of the Year 2018 we will come together to celebrate the finalists as the world’s best in ornamental horticultural production. The awards take place at the start of the week of IPM Essen in Germany, the world’s leading horticultural trade fair. We keep you posted about the awards during the evening ceremony and show you, as a Facebook friend of Holla Roses, a pre-view of our newest movie which will be show at the gala dinner.

12 januari 2018
Nice to show you 12.-14.1.2018 our Holla Roses are in the middle of the exibition in Prague. In the beautiful area of Charles University the concept is to show different types of roses and, more over the story of the grower. Florea, famous from the Czech Republic,‎ is used to buy and sell our roses.

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