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Holla Roses grows, produces and sells sustainably grown roses on the basis of Fairtrade principles. In this way, Holla Roses and its customers take responsibility for improving the living environment in Ethiopia.
If you purchase roses from Holla Roses you are assured that they are grown under quality working conditions and in an environmentally conscious environment. Holla Roses complies with the high standards set by our acquired certificates, including Fairtrade, MPS-A, MPS-SQ, GAP and ETI. Furthermore, every day, Holla Roses pursues further innovation in sustainable production. To ensure the safety of its employees, Holla Roses has a strict policy in terms of crop protection. In combatting organisms harmful to production, Holla Roses requires its employees to wear spraying masks, gloves, waterproof rain suits and boots as protection against pesticides.

In addition to the production of roses, Holla Roses also focuses on the social aspect of its employees. Over the years, we have proven to improve the local living environment. Partly thanks to good healthcare and education, this has a big influence on our results. Healthcare provided by Holla Roses is completely free. Health problems are treated by a qualified nurse in a private company clinic. The company also performs preventive health checks for over 1,200 employees.
Holla Roses mainly employs women who live in the neighbouring village of Ziway. Because of the importance of reducing birth mortalities, the Holla Roses site includes a modern hospital with special maternity clinics.

Furthermore, the hospital has access to:
• Ambulances
• Operating rooms
• X-ray department
• Laboratory
• Pharmacy
• Incubators
• Dental practice
• Eye clinic
• Mortuary
• Patient registration
• Family planning counselling
• HIV/Aids clinic

In addition to good health facilities, there is also need for proper schooling. Holla Rose also takes social responsibility in this area. The company participates in a project through which children aged 13 - 18 are assured of a good education. The school partly consists of children whose parents work in the nursery, and partly of children from the local village of Ziway. Furthermore, all children are provided free food and drinks.

Besides work, there is also time for recreation. In the light of this project, Holla Roses has established a sporting facility where employees can practice many different sports.