12 januari 2018
Nice to show you 12.-14.1.2018 our Holla Roses are in the middle of the exibition in Prague. In the beautiful area of Charles University the concept is to show different types of roses and, more over the story of the grower. Florea, famous from the Czech Republic,‎ is used to buy and sell our roses.

12 december 2017
Nice to send you our ‘Christmas roses’

09 december 2017
What a colorful difference; from now on our length 60 CM roses with Holla Roses cardboard collars. Give a rose... get a smile! :-)

22 november 2017

09 november 2017
From today:

08 november 2017
Let us have a drink ☕️ /

07 november 2017
YES, ready to meet you! Welcome Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in HAL 1 - Auction Aalsmeer nr 4.2 Team Holla Roses Give a rose... get a smile! :-)

27 oktober 2017

19 oktober 2017
Japan IFEX: We received photo's from Japan where these mix-roses were displayed on the IFEX Tokyo. It seems that lots of supermarkets in Japan showed their interests. 感謝

13 oktober 2017
C O M I N G S O O N our yearly calender -> in 2018 you can also count on us. Do you want to receive a big hardcopy? Let us know by e-mail to: The first 5 requests will receive a nice gadget! :-)

05 oktober 2017

05 oktober 2017
October is all bout PINK… And today at the 5-th of october World Teachers’ Day 2017 will be celebrated under the theme “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers”!

03 oktober 2017
HAPPY CHILDREN :-) :-) Since their fathers and mothers work with us they are given a chance to go to school. We yearly provide the school uniforms and recently we also gave them a backpack with a filled pencil case. We are very proud to show you these happy little children! Give a rose... get a smile! :-)

22 september 2017
Visit of a trade trip to Ethiopia: Rabobank and the 'Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland' (RVO) support the enterprising Dutch in sustainable, agricultural, innovative and international business.

15 september 2017
Last monday 11 Sept we started to auction & with succes! Have a nice weekend. Give a rose... get a smile! :-)

10 september 2017
Holla Roses wishes you a happy (Ethiopian) new year from Ziway!

07 september 2017
Nice to congratulate all the children/students of the best school in the whole Oromia region (entitled by winning the cup of OEO) in this Sher Ethiopia School yearly bulletine 2017:

03 september 2017
Thanks for the organisation of the great fireworks and party in Aalsmeer.

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